Forget the stereotypes, meth has invaded users from all sectors, right across the board.
Meth-induced psychosis presents unique challenges and as the years pass by, we are seeing it more often.

Good people. Bad Decisions.

Very often, good people fall into the hole with meth, starting with the decision to try it. This does not make them bad people, it makes them human. No other drug has the ability to induce psychosis to the extreme level that occurs with this drug. Some people may be able to dabble with it as high functioning users for a long time, but it never ends well. Others can fall into the meth-addicted, psychotic state very quickly. 

Withdrawal from Methamphetamine

Withdrawal from methamphetamine involves physical symptoms like fatigue and increased appetite as well as psychiatric symptoms like depression or psychosis.

While many symptoms will usually go away after the first week of detox/withdrawal, people can run into serious difficulties trying to cope with the likes of psychosis, on their own. In this case it's important to see a medical professional and medication may be prescribed to treat psychiatric symptoms. Meds have their place in recovery when required, and only for as long as they are required.

We Understand

Some of our key staff have experienced the full impact of meth, then gone on to achieve long-term recovery and obtain qualifications with addictions-related degrees. It is not a job requirement, but along with text books, life experience can bring authenticity and increased understanding. A number of our clients have gone on to study for degrees with a view to working in this sector.
Alcohol and methamphetamine addictions account for about 70% of our clients.


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The Pipe Down Project

One of our founders witnessed the impact of addiction on family personally and wrote a song as an awareness tool back in 2014.
This song is a mother's story, watching a loved-one fall deeper and deeper into the hole created by meth and feeling powerless to help.

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