What we do

The 'Therapeutic Community' treatment model has existed for decades. Red Door established the 'Therapeutic Whānau' model - with a maximum of seven residential clients at one time. There are numerous benefits with low client numbers; they become a 'family' and help look after each other, and nobody gets lost in a crowd. 

Many of our staff have experienced addiction in their own lives and have achieved long-term recovery. This allows us to understand, connect with and help our clients on a deeper level. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to realise their full potential and a life free from substance abuse. 

Our Story

Red Door was founded by husband and wife team, David and Tanja. In 2014, after having experienced the affects of addiction in their own family, they started the Pipe Down lobby group which advocated for improved services to addicts and their families. Seeing a very real need for more services, they then started a day programme from their own home.

Soon clients started calling their programme Red Door, because the door to the family home that they came through each day, was red; the colour of love, the colour of cessation. 

From this humble beginning the Red Door Recovery holistic residential programme was born and David and Tanja  remain active participants in the programme.