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Red Door Recovery Programme – Costs.

Red Door Recovery is a private facility with many costs to meet, but we have managed to keep client costs to a minimum. These costs will be well under the true costs of remaining in the world of drug & alcohol abuse.

Some of our staff work as unpaid volunteers.

We also understand that some people will have no means of raising the funds required. We do accept applications from people seeking a sponsorship and Red Door will cover some costs for successful applicants. This is possible when we have the funds available, usually through kind donations or through contributions from Red Door.

We also offer limited positions for day clients, providing they have a stable and safe living environment, based in the Wellington region. As with the residential programme, day clients will attend Red Door for Three or Four Weeks, with ongoing aftercare and support for two years. Any client who feels in danger of lapsing during the two years outpatient support period can come back into the programme for a reboot, at no cost.