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A woman who had been struggling with drugs and alcohol woke up one day in a deep hole. A businessman walked by and she called out to him for help. He threw her fifty bucks and suggested buying a ladder, but there was no ladder to be found. A little later a doctor walked past. "Help, I can't get out," yelled the woman.

The doctor gave her some drugs to relieve the pain and the woman thanked him sincerely. But when the drugs wore off, she was still in the hole. The next day a psychiatrist wandered past and saw the distressed woman in the hole. He said "How did you get in there, why did you choose this path, tell me about your life before you fell in the hole? Talking will help relieve your despair." They talked for a long time but the psychiatrist had to leave eventually. The woman thanked him for his time, but the next day she was still in the hole. Two days later, a priest walked past and was genuinely upset to see the woman in the hole. The Priest gave her a bible and promised to pray for the woman every day. The woman was genuinely grateful; she even started reading the bible. But a week later, she was still in the hole.

A month later a recovering addict walked past and the woman cried out to him for help. By now she was in very bad shape. The addict immediately jumped into the hole with her. "What the hell are you doing" she said. "Now we're both stuck in the hole!"

"It's okay" he said. "I have been here before and I know the way out."