Methamphetamine Recovery Programme.

While we have programmes for all alcohol and drug abuse problems, methamphetamine can present extreme challenges. Red Door offers the Pipe Down Meth Recovery Programme which is specifically designed to meet the unique and difficult challenges presented by this drug.

Meth use is on the increase and it is tearing New Zealand families and communities apart. Traditional rehab is often unsuccessful with this drug, but in pre-launch development of the Pipe Down programme, we have seen a number of chronic meth users stay clean for extended periods, having previously relapsed on multiple occasions.

At Red Door, meth users will be in the hands of meth recovery specialists who have developed a new way to attack the complications created by this drug.

Pipe Down Methamphetamine Recovery Programme logoThe founders of Red Door Recovery are also responsible for establishing the Pipe Down lobby group, aiming to initiate changes to current legislation, to allow compassionate family interventions to save loved ones from themselves. This song is a mother's story, watching a loved-one fall deeper and deeper into the hole created by meth and feeling powerless to help.