While we have programmes for all alcohol and drug abuse problems, methamphetamine can present extreme challenges. It is a hideous drug that impacts not just the user but their families and friends.
Forget the stereotypes, meth has invaded users from all sectors, right across the board.
Meth-induced psychosis presents unique challenges and as the years pass by, we are seeing it more often.

Some of our key staff have experienced the full impact of meth, then gone on to achieve long-term recovery and obtain qualifications with addictions-related degrees. It is not a job requirement, but along with text books, harsh life experience can bring authenticity and increased understanding. A number of our clients have gone on to study for degrees with a view to working in this sector.
Alcohol and methamphetamine addictions account for more than 80% of our clients.


One of our founders witnessed the impact of addiction on family personally and wrote a song as an awareness tool back in 2014.
This song is a mother's story, watching a loved-one fall deeper and deeper into the hole created by meth and feeling powerless to help.