Red Door Recovery residence gym equipment


RDR delivers unique holistic programmes, working across a spectrum from ‘The Problem’ to ‘The Why’ to ‘The Potential’ using multiple treatment inputs.

In residential and outpatient programmes, our low client numbers allow focus with a responsive, caring and professional programme held in a family environment at a secluded recovery ‘ranch’ 40 minutes from Wellington. Large grounds, trees, gardens and a stream, with nearby bush and river walks make this the ideal healing environment. We usually have horses or ponies in the paddock and you will meet an alpaca who thinks he is human!

Clients become a part of the whanau at the RDR ranch. It is nothing like a traditional institution or hospital environment – every month we welcome clients to their new family.

Our low client numbers and two years aftercare commitment are key to achieving long term recovery. Unlike a 30 bed therapeutic community, there is nowhere to hide in a 5 bed therapeutic family. Importantly we only accept clients who are open to change.